Porcelain Veneer

The porcelain veneer is an application commonly preferred by people who want to achieve an aesthetic appearance on their teeth. This method, which is frequently used by dentists, provides many advantages to patients. Users are extremely satisfied with this application, which supports the effective use of oral functions as well as having a healthy smile.

Porcelain teeth have an extremely white appearance due to their structure. In other words, it is much whiter than the natural appearance of the tooth. You can easily tell if a person around you has porcelain teeth. While the natural whiteness of the teeth resembles ice white, the whiteness of porcelain teeth is snow white. In other words, porcelain teeth are much clearer than normal teeth. People who prefer this application are generally those who have crooked and deformed teeth.

Porcelain Veneer Application

As the name suggests, porcelain veneer application covers the process of covering the teeth with a porcelain layer. The treatment applied is personalized and carried out according to the teeth and gums of the people. In general, porcelain veneer application is done as follows.

  • The formations such as tartar on the teeth to be veneered should be cleaned and the tooth enamel should be exposed.

  • Before applying the porcelain veneer, a delicate thinning should be done on the tooth. The enamel thinning in question varies between 0.5 and 0.7 mm.

  • After the tooth thinning process is done with precision, the molding process is started. After this process, the situation that will occur after the application can be shown to the patient thanks to the three-dimensional imaging technology.

  • The received mold is sent to a private laboratory. From this stage, the production phase of the porcelain tooth begins. Generally, production is completed in a period of 2 weeks and the application phase can be started.

  • Temporary veneers can be used during the production phase of the veneer so that the teeth can be used in a healthy and comfortable manner. In this way, the teeth are prevented from being damaged before the coating.

  • After completing the production of the veneers, the dentist rehearses the teeth by temporarily attaching them to the patient. If any program is seen on the coating during the rehearsals, it is sent back to the laboratory to be corrected. If no problem is detected in the rehearsal, the veneer is applied after minor corrections by the dentist.

  • If there is no problem at the proofing stage, the porcelain coatings are sent back to the laboratory for polishing and the polishing process is performed.

Who Can Have Porcelain Veneer?

Porcelain veneer teeth are applied in the following cases.

  • In mild and moderately crooked teeth,
  • In case of missing teeth in the oral cavity,
  • In caries types that cannot be treated with normal fillings
  • In clearly visible tooth fractures, porcelain teeth can be applied for aesthetic purposes.

If one or more of the above situations are present, it can be decided to apply porcelain veneer by making the necessary interview with the dentist. Apart from this, this application is not recommended in case of inflammation or in patients who need root canal treatment.

How Long Is the Life of Porcelain Veneers?

The life of porcelain veneers varies between 7 and 10 years, depending on the sensitivity of use. After the coating application, there is no serious pain or ache. After the application, you can continue your normal life immediately. Extremely cold or hot foods should not be consumed for a week after the application. In addition, contact with hard objects that will damage the coating should be avoided.

Mild pains that occur after the application should be relieved with mild painkillers in consultation with your dentist. Porcelain veneers are also affected by external influences like normal teeth. For this reason, it is useful to stay away from all kinds of effects that will damage or stain the teeth. In addition, like every conscious person, teeth should be brushed regularly twice a day.

Finally, it is useful to mention the price of porcelain veneer. The price of the application in question varies according to the number of teeth to be made. At the same time, it is useful to know that the price policy applied in each clinic is different.

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