Teeth Whitening

For people, healthy and white teeth are an important criterion in terms of aesthetic posture. Because of this, most people need teeth whitening. This treatment, which is popular with people to have whiter teeth, is frequently applied by dentists. Tooth enamel wears out over time. This causes deviations in the natural color of the tooth. Smoking, alcohol, and excessive consumption of tea and coffee are the biggest causes of these corrosions. Teeth are whitened with a treatment applied to tooth enamel.

Some causes of teeth discolouration include:

  • Food and Beverages: Coffee, tea, red wine and soft drinks can stain your teeth.
  • Natural Aging: Over time, your enamel begins to wear and reveals the natural yellow colour of dentin that lies underneath.
  • Tobacco: Smoking or chewing tobacco can stain your teeth.

Why Do People Need Teeth Whitening?

The beautiful appearance of the teeth is quite important for those who take care of their personal care. Color and shape disorders in the teeth sometimes even cause psychological problems. It is also possible to whiten your teeth using natural teeth whitening methods applied at home. In addition, along with the teeth whitening method applied by dentists, color and shape disorders can be prevented and the problem can be solved in a short time.

Why Do Teeth Lose Their Whiteness ?

Antibiotics used by the mother during pregnancy, food, and drinks used on a daily basis can have negative effects on the formation of the child’s teeth. In addition, there may be structural disorders that occur during the formation of the baby’s first tooth.

The color changes that occur in the teeth are divided into two.

In the first type of coloration called internal coloration, the color change has been processed into the internal structure of the tooth. It is impossible to eliminate such color changes by brushing. This problem can be encountered depending on the structural disorders in the teeth, as well as the medications used and fluoride intake. Whitening treatment in such cases gives successful results.

Teeth can also change color due to excessive daily consumption of tea and coffee or smoking. This condition is called tooth discoloration. Mostly, it is possible to get rid of this discoloration with dental scaling treatment.

Different treatment methods should be applied in different discoloration cases. To decide on the most appropriate treatment method for teeth, a dental examination gives the healthiest result.

What Are Teeth Whitening Applications ?

Teeth whitening application is divided into two according to its technique;

Thanks to the power bleaching application performed in the office environment, the teeth can be whitened by 3-4 tones. The application in question is a reliable, fast, and effective method. It is a treatment method applied using whitening gel and special light.

The second method that can be applied at home is called home bleaching. Teeth whitening gels are prepared individually with a simple measurement taken from the mouth. Desired tooth whiteness is achieved in an average of 5-7 days. to be completed successfully, the mouthpieces in question must be worn for at least 4-8 hours a day. 

Is Teeth Whitening Applicable to Everyone ?

Whether people are suitable for this treatment is only revealed after the examination of the dentist. In general, teeth whitening can be applied to people who do not have any kind of tooth and gum disease. People who have advanced decayed teeth in the oral cavity or have gum disease should eliminate these existing discomforts before starting teeth whitening treatment. In addition, people who will be treated for bleaching must be at a certain age. In addition, pregnant women and nursing mothers are not recommended to have this treatment.

Clinical studies have shown that the solutions used in the whitening application do not cause any harm to the teeth or gums. There is no scientific data showing that there are structural changes or permanent damage to the teeth in the whitening application.


Are There Any Side Effects of The Application ?

Due to the gels used in the teeth whitening application, a slight sensitivity may occur in the teeth. Consuming extremely hot or cold foods and beverages can cause discomfort in the teeth.

But over time, this discomfort disappears. Fluoride, toothpaste, and creams given by your dentist after the application will reduce the sensitivity.

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