Conscious Sedation

Conscious dental sedation

At Klinik +1 we offer all our clients the option of dental sedation. The System that we have in the clinic together with a great anesthesia specialist. It is a system of treating patients with anxiety, without any pain.

General anesthesia is administered by a professional with advanced training in anesthesia and sedation.

A mixture of drugs is used for dental sedation. Each drug provides a specific action. These medications can be inhaled or given through a vein.

You may need an exam by your doctor before the procedure. Whether you agree to dental sedation treatment will depend on your medical history and the planned procedure. You may also need certain tests, including blood tests, a chest X-ray, or an electrocardiogram (ECG).

What is conscious dental sedation?

It consists of the application of a set of drugs administered by an anesthesia specialist, in order to relax the patient suffering from anxiety, and thus perform dental treatment without any type of pain, and above all, in an environment of absolute relaxation for the patient.

Medications used for dental sedation can be inhaled or administered through a vein, with which we manage to bring the patient to a state of tranquility, without anxiety or pain, but being able to collaborate with dental professionals since they remain awake at all times. (A great advantage over the complete general sedation that these types of patients previously needed).

Can conscious dental sedation be applied to any patient?

It will depend on the medical history of the patient and the procedure that is planned to be performed (sometimes it is more useful to spend more time explaining the treatment to be performed on the patient to resolve all their doubts and fears, than to go directly to any type of sedation).

For conscious dental sedation, you may need an exam by your doctor before the procedure. You may also need certain tests, including blood tests, a chest X-ray, or an electrocardiogram (ECG).

When to use conscious dental sedation or general anesthesia?

Conscious dental sedation works for about 97% of extremely anxious people, but there will always be a percentage of people who will not work, either because it is impossible for them to cooperate even under sedation and / or because they have a high tolerance to the medications used. for sedation.

We use the conscious dental sedation technique for those short or more traumatic procedures, such as the extraction of wisdom teeth, or certain types of oral surgery. However, if the

procedure is long in time (or as an alternative to several short appointments condensing them into a single long one), general anesthesia may be preferable when it may be more than a couple of hours of intervention.

If you have been taking long-term medications for other health problems, your specialist in your problem usually recommends conscious dental sedation before general anesthesia.

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