Gum Aesthetics

Gingival aesthetics, also called gingivoplasty, is a method preferred by individuals who care about their appearance. Having a healthy and aesthetic appearance is extremely important among people. When it comes to external appearance, teeth are the first limbs that draw attention. If dental care is not done adequately and regularly, various dental disorders occur. Gums, in particular, are extremely sensitive. Gums can disturb people both in terms of health and appearance.

Immediate intervention is required in diseases related to the gums. As a result of a detailed dental examination, gingivoplasty is applied to the gums. This procedure is performed by professional dentists in clinics or hospitals.

What Does Aesthetics Gum Mean?

The treatment method applied due to the problems experienced in the gingiva is called gingival aesthetics or gingivoplasty. The mentioned treatment method is applied in problems such as gingival recession, asymmetrical disorder, and color changes in the gingiva.

Problems in the gums(gingiva) can cause social problems as well as various health problems. For this reason, this treatment is one of the widely preferred applications. The decision to make the application must be made by a specialist dentist.

What Are Aesthetics Gum Applications?

The methods used in the treatment of gingival aesthetics are listed below;

  • The application is called the regenerative method, it is aimed to renew the irritated and destroyed tissues. With the destruction of sick tissues, supporting tissues are created. While treating with the regenerative method, besides tissue stimulants, membrane and bone grafts are also applied.
  • As a result of gingival enlargement, deep pockets form in the gingiva. Excesses in these pocket sections are removed with treatment. After the removal of the excess gums, the stage of correction of the gingival contours is started.
  • The gingiva must have a symmetrical and regular appearance. In case of an asymmetrical and irregular appearance, gingivoplasty treatment is required. After the application, an extremely aesthetic appearance is created by applying porcelain or metal zirconium to the teeth.
  • The application called surgical crown lengthening technique is used in cases where the tooth cavities reach the lower part of the gingiva. After the excess gum tissue is removed, the bone is reshaped.
  • Botox treatment can also be used in the application of gingival aesthetics.

Gum Aesthetics Klinik +1
Gum Aesthetics Klinik +1

How Is Aesthetics Gum Treatment Performed?

Gingivoplasty is evaluated according to the damage to the gums of the person. The appropriate treatment method is determined by the dentist according to the person’s mouth structure and tissue damage. The treatment to be done is usually done with local anesthesia. In other words, the patient does not feel any pain or ache during the application. In this way, this treatment can be applied easily.

Gingivoplasty is done with a laser. Laser application is performed in as little as 15 minutes without any bleeding. The laser method is a frequently preferred application because it gives an aesthetic appearance in a short time. This application, which can be easily applied to every individual, is a treatment method that anyone can choose.

Advantages of Gum Aesthetics (Gingivoplasty)

Individuals who have problems with their gums gain many advantages with this treatment. The following are the advantages that people will gain with gingival aesthetics.

  • Sensitivity and bleeding in the gums are eliminated.
  • Gums become healthier.
  • As aesthetic concerns will decrease, the person will feel more comfortable psychologically.
  • The teeth are arranged as they should be so that there are no distortions.
  • Infection in the gums is prevented.


The most important advantage of the application is that the recovery period is short. The person who has the application can continue his daily life in a short time.

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