Composite Laminate

Composite laminated is the process of obtaining a flawless appearance by first rasping the teeth to change the shape and color of the front teeth and then coating them. In practice, composite resins of white color are used. The application is a short process that ends in a single session.

Application of Composite Laminate

Although the application varies according to the number of teeth, it is usually completed in a time such as 1-1.5 hours. While no preliminary preparation process is applied in the application, the process is completed with the following steps, respectively.

  • The teeth are cleaned by the dentist and made ready for treatment. The dentist may have to remove a very thin layer of enamel in order for the veneer to sit properly on the tooth. In certain cases, tooth enamel rasping may not be necessary.

  • The dentist chooses the color to be obtained after the application to the teeth together with the patient.

  • After cleaning the tooth surface from substances such as tartar, plaque, and bacteria, a special acid application is applied to make the surface smoother.

  • The connection between the smoothed tooth and the composite is provided by special solutions called bonding.

  • The determined composite resin is carefully applied to the tooth surface with the help of a special brush.

  • Blue light is used to harden the applied solutions.

  • Fully hardened materials are shaped by the dentist according to the tooth form.

  • The application is completed by polishing

Laminated Tooth Types

Laminated teeth coating is applied in three different types. You can see what they are in the following items.

  • Direct Composite Laminate: this is a type of laminate that is applied directly to the tooth and made with resin. It is applied in a single session in clinics.

  • Indirect Composite Laminate: Indirect composite laminates are prepared in private dental laboratories. The application is completed in two sessions. Much more durable and robust teeth are obtained compared to direct composite laminate application. Its cost is also slightly more expensive than the first method.


  • Prefabricated Composite Laminate: the laminate type in question is produced in standard lengths as fabrication. After the coating suitable for the patient’s tooth dimensions is selected, the composite application is made.


  • Leaf Porcelain: This type of veneer, produced from porcelain and zirconium, is the most durable, the most aesthetic, and the most expensive among laminated veneers.


Composite Laminate – Leaf Porcelain

The two concepts in the title are often confused with each other. In our article, it is useful to mention the difference between these two concepts is.

Leaf porcelain is a thin, leaf-like ceramic shell that is adhered to the outside of the tooth. Composite laminate is a resin-based material applied to the outer part of the tooth. Both procedures are performed to beautify the aesthetics of the teeth and to obtain healthy smiles. The main differences between them are:

  • Composite laminate application is completed in a much shorter time than porcelain laminate.

  • While the durability period of composite laminates varies between 4-8 years, porcelain laminates last for 10-15 years.

  • While composite laminates are quite durable, laminate porcelain laminates are much stronger.

  • While composite laminates can be repaired when needed, laminate porcelain laminates cannot.

  • Since the leaf porcelains are translucent, they are very similar to the natural tooth structure. In addition, composite laminated teeth may stain and turn yellow like natural teeth.

  • Leaf porcelain laminate application is much more costly.

Composite Laminate Prices

Composite laminate prices vary according to how many teeth you have applied. If you are having this application to get an aesthetic smile, you should have this application done up to the lower and upper 8-10 teeth. You can get healthier results in the application that you will make as much as the number of teeth in question. In the dental clinic where you will have the application, you should exchange opinions with those who have had this application done before.

When you say that I will have the application done cheaply, you may experience different problems related to dental health.

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