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About Klinik +1

Klinik +1

Klinik +1 started to accept patients in Suadiye, ISTANBUL in January 2021. Klinik +1 Provides Service in All Branches Related to Dental Health and Dental Aesthetics

Mainly Served Treatments and Practices:

Aesthetic Dentistry: Smile Design, Hollywood Smile, Laminated Tooth Veneer, Zirconium Tooth Veneer, Porcelain Tooth Veneer, Composite Laminated (Bonding), Aesthetic Filling, Gum Shaping (Pink Aesthetics), Broken Tooth Treatment, Teeth Whitening (Bleaching), Detertrage (Teeth Stone Cleaning) ).

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Implant, Embedded Tooth Extraction, 20 Years Tooth Extraction, Sinus Lifting, All on Four, Graft-Membrane Applications, Gum Diseases, Gingival Bleeding Treatment.

CHILDREN’S DENTISTRY: Children’s Tooth Filling, Amputation, Fluoride Application, Teeth Stain Cleaning in Children, Milk Tooth Extraction, Pediatric Root Canal Treatment Application. General Dentistry: Filling, Tartar Removal, Root Canal Treatment, Tooth Extraction, Dental X-Ray, General Dental Examination, Intraoral Hygiene Training.

Klinik +1 Suadiye is at Emin Ali Paşa Caddesi No:27 (Across Migros).

Special Privilege Awaits You at Suadiye Dental Clinic

For our patients coming from out of town or abroad, we have free accommodation and transfer services during their treatment.

Klinik+1 first Dental Examination and diagnosis is free. After the intraoral checks are done, the fees are determined for the procedures, and then they are presented to you with the payment methods. If you accept, the process begins.

Last Update2/03/23