Smile Design (Holywood Smile)

The smile design, known as the Hollywood smile, is a dental aesthetic inspired by the smile of Hollywood stars. The main purpose of the application is to ensure that the teeth and gums are brought to a perfect appearance during the smile of the person. With the Hollywood smile, extremely healthy, symmetrical and white teeth emerge.

Standards to be Achieved with a Hollywood Smile

With the smile design, the following standards are aimed:

  • It is aimed for the person to reach a certain laughing line. As a result of the person’s smile, all his teeth should be visible up to molars.
  • The upper front teeth should be extremely straight.
  • If there is a filling of a person’s upper teeth, they should not be visible.
  • The incisors in the upper jaw should be much more prominent than the other teeth.
  • During the smile, it is aimed to show the incisors in the lower part.
  • The upper gums should show a maximum of 2 mm during the smile.
  • Lips are important so that they should be symmetrical.
  • The width of the lips should be half of the width of the face.

In addition to Hollywood smile, the need for botox and lip filling may occur in the treatment of teeth and gums within the scope of Hollywood smile.

What are the Benefits of Smile Design?

There are many benefits of having a Hollywood smile. You can find out in the following what these benefits are.

  • With the smile design, you can have extremely symmetrical and aesthetic teeth.
  • It is ensured that the teeth and gums reach a healthy size.
  • The most suitable shape for the person’s facial features is determined and with this way the person attains a much more energetic mood.
  • Since it is an application that takes into account the expectations of the person, %100 satisfaction can be achieved at the end of the process.
  • Hollywood design also prevents self-confidence problems caused by mouth and dental problems.
  • A perfect look is achieved as a result of a perfect smile.

How Is the Smile Design Treatment Applied?

Hollywood smile application may be required many different processes. In addition to the treatment of teeth and gums, it may be possible to apply some applications to the lip part. Before the procedure, the expectations of the person from this treatment should be analyzed in detail. The necessary consensus should be reached by discussing in detail with your doctor during the first examination. In general, the applications made during the smile design can be summarized as followings:

Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers applied to the front of the teeth are called porcelain veneers. Stained, crooked, broken or intermittent tooth problems in the tooth structure of the person to be treated should be solved. All of the materials used in porcelain veneer applications are light-transmissive materials. For this reason, problems such as gray dots do not occur.

Teeth Whitening: There are different methods used for teeth whitening. The main aim here is to whiten teeth a few tones and give them a white appearance. The method of teeth whitening is decided by the dentist.

Implant: It is the method of completing the tooth loss in the mouth with a screwed tooth application.

How are Smile Design Prices Determined?

The cost of smile design will only be revealed after a detailed examination. During the treatment, people’s expectations may vary. For this reason, as the scope of the treatment will also change, there will be some changes in the price. However, in general, the price is determined by considering the following factors:

  • The current oral and dental health of the person
  • Treatments to be done during the application
  • Additional requests of the person
  • The level of expertise of the clinic where the treatment will be carried out

The criteria listed above are extremely important but this application is a treatment for the person to have a completely aesthetic smile. In this context, the treatment center should be an elite center. Care should be taken to prevent different oral and dental health problems from occurring at the end of the applications.

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