Do you have missing teeth and are uncomfortable being around anyone but your closest friends or family?

Do you find yourself avoiding activities that may require you to be around strangers?

Are some of your teeth worn down because you are using them to compensate for missing teeth in your smile?

Does your face look haggard or older because you have missing teeth and your cheeks are sunken in?

Having a beautiful smile is essential in today’s world and it is difficult to feel confident if your smile isn’t what you want it to be. That’s why at Klinik+1 are happy to offer dental implants to patients.

What are the advantages of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the best way to replace a missing tooth without touching any other intact teeth .

Dental implants can look extremely natural, mimicking the look of the surrounding, natural teeth in your mouth. We color-match them so they look completely natural in your smile.

Dental implants feel like natural teeth and can give your mouth that full, complete feeling.

Unlike a dental bridge, which reduces the enamel of the adjacent teeth and uses them to connect the three teeth together, an implant is a stand-alone tooth that is easier to clean, permanent, and preserves the bony ridge of a patient’s mouth.

Dental implants are highly recommended to address missing teeth. The process of obtaining dental implants is simple. First, our experienced doctors at Klinik+1 will give you an examination during a consultation to determine your overall oral health. A scan is completed in order to diagnose the level of bone in your mouth three-dimensionally, as a strong and adequate bone structure is required to hold dental implants in place, successfully. The scan offers assurance that the dental implants will not hit any vital anatomy such as nerves or sinuses.

Once the dentist has determined you are a good candidate for dental implants, we will place the titanium implant (a small metal bar) into the jawbone. In 3-6 months, osseointegration , or fusing with the jawbone occurs. During this process, the bone will grow around the titanium implant in order to strengthen it and hold it in place. It is a little like growing a “new” tooth root as the dental implants are tooth root replacements. In most cases , Temporary dental crowns are placed on the implants until the osseointegration has completed. When the healing time is completed, your dentist will then fit and place a permanent dental crown on your dental implants.

Dental implants last an extremely long time, which makes them a more permanent solution to replacing missing teeth than a dental bridge or partial dentures. They also offer more strength and stability than other solutions, as well as prohibiting of bone resorption, which makes them highly recommended by Klinik+1.


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